UGV Chargers is a manufacturer of EV charging stations. The company’s specialists design and produce EV charging stations, develop software and a mobile application. UGV Chargers is developing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The range of UGV Chargers charging stations includes:

  • Fast DC charging stations with power from 40 to 160 kW with different types of connectors: CHAdeMO, CCS, GB/t, Type1, Type 2;
  • conventional AC stations with power from 7 to 22 kW with Type1, Type 2 connectors

EV charging stations UGV Chargers can charge 80% of a battery in just 20-60 minutes, depending on the car’s battery. Charging stations UGV Chargers support charging all ports simultaneously by distributing power between ports.  

Charging stations are installed in the parking lots of shopping and office centers, restaurants and hotels, fitness clubs and residential complexes, and they can also be integrated into the existing gas station network.

The electric vehicle market is growing every day, and soon every large gas station will have a EV charging station to provide quality service to all customers, including electric vehicle owners.

Benefits of EV Charging stations UGV Chargers:

  • European high-quality components
  • Possibility to quickly increase the capacity of the station
  • OCPP support for remote commercial use
  • Certification according to European quality and compliance standards
EV Charging Stations UGV Chargers-2

UGV Chargers have convenient charging session management via app or web browser. The software was developed by UGV Chargers engineers and can be adapted to the needs of customers and consumers. Remote control of EV charging stations, charging monitoring, station reservation and convenient billing – all this makes charging an electric car at UGV Chargers EV charging station quick and comfortable.

UGV Chargers charging stations are made from European components and can be customized with the required number of charging ports and power. Attract more customers by installing a EV charging station on territory of your businesses.

For ordering EV Charging Stations contact UGV Chargers:

Posted on May 16

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