Temerland Field Charging Station is a reliable solution for camping, hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation, car campers, car travellers, providing stable power to your gadgets and electrical appliances in any conditions.

The main task of the Temerland station is to provide uninterrupted power supply to devices in extreme conditions.

Equipped with advanced charging technology, Temerland supports different types of devices, from smartphones and tablets to torches, cameras and portable electronic devices. With a variety of USB ports, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously, making this station ideal for group trips or family camping trips.

And also, the main purpose of the Temerland field station is to provide power to tactical units in extreme conditions.

You can rest assured that Temerland will always be there to support you even in the most challenging situations.

1. High capacity -1500, 3000 or 3200 W*H
2. Noiselessness – the operation of the charging station doesn’t create noise, doesn’t disturb others with its work
3. Efficiency – ability to charge up to 8 devices at the same time
4. Increased autonomy – the ability to charge built-in batteries using solar electricity away from 220 V power grids

  1. Charging of PCs, laptops, tablets
  2. Charging of mobile phones, portable game consoles,  MP3/MP4 players,
    portable TVs, stereos
  3. Charging of walkie-talkies / unit radios
  4. Charging of digital cameras and video cameras, thermal imagers, night vision devices
  5. Field kitchen up to 1000 W
  6. High-power electrical tools up to 1000 W
  7. Charging of ground and air drones


General characteristics
Type 1500 Wh 3000 Wh 3200 Wh
Country of manufacture Slovak Republic
Warranty 6 month
Physical characteristics
Shell type impact-resistant protective case Metabo impact-resistant protective case Makita impact-resistant protective case Maikita
Body material plastic
Protection level IP-43
Operating temperature range from -10 C° to +50 C°
Size (L x W x H) 396 x 296 x 118 mm 396 x 296 x 215 mm 396 x 296 x 215 mm
Weight 10,5 kg 18,7 kg 18,7 kg
Built-in protection input and output overcurrent/short circuit protection
Other features charge indicator
Output interfaces
Number of simultaneously charging devices 7
220 V sockets (type C, maximum power 1000 W) 2
USB 2.1 A 2
USB Quick-Charge 3.0 1
USB Type-C 1
Car cigarette lighter socket 12 V, 5 A 1
Input interfaces
Standard power grid charging plug type C, 220 V, 50 Hz
2-pin connector for charging from solar panels 1
Autonomous charging (option) portable solar panels 100 W and 200 W
Battery type Li-ion
Battery capacity at 24 V 50 Ah 120 Ah 130 Ah
Charging time from mains 220 V 6 h 12 h 13 h

Video about Field charging station