The UGV Chargers mobile application

The UGV Chargers mobile application is an online service for charging electric vehicles and paying for sessions, as well as a platform for technical monitoring and dispatching.

The UGV Chargers app allows you to control:

  • The charging process;
  • Full display of statistics on your charging sessions;
  • Route planning;
  • Recharge and payment for charging using a virtual account.

The mobile application for charging electric vehicles helps not only to simplify the process of charging electric vehicles, but also to solve business problems for owners of electric charging stations and their network solutions.

We are constantly improving our services and will be grateful if you leave feedback and suggestions in the AppStore or Google Market for even more convenient charging of electric vehicles.

For ordering EV Charging Stations contact UGV Chargers:
phone: 0944 76 0176 , email:

Posted on September 06

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