UGV Chargers is a manufacturer of charging stations for electric cars

The company’s specialists design and produce charging stations for electric cars, develop software and a mobile application. UGV Chargers develops charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. UGV Chargers’ range of charging stations includes:
  • DC fast charging stations with capacities from 40 to 160 kW with different types of connectors: CHAdeMO, CCS, GB/t, Type1, Type 2;
  • Conventional AC stations with power from 7 to 22 kW with Type1, Type 2 connectors Fast charging stations UGV can charge 80% of electric car battery in just 20-60 minutes depending on the car battery.
UGV Charging Stations support simultaneous charging of all ports by distributing power between the ports. You can watch the assembly process on the video.
For ordering EV Charging Stations contact UGV Chargers:
phone: 0944 76 0176 , email:
Posted on March 13
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