More and more people want to have their own electric charging station at home or closer to their place of residence.

Given the modern pace of life, there is a desire to be on time and plan your time independently without unexpected surprises.

That is why the choice falls on UGV Chargers charging stations:
  • The power of the stations is 7-22 kW.
  • Stations can be equipped with Type 1 and Type 2
  • Installation is possible both outdoors and indoors.
  • Automatic activation or control via mobile application, rfid card

UGV stations can be operated in a specially equipped parking lot, in a garage, and even in an apartment building, which contributes to the maximum comfort of electric car owners.

Having a home station you get:

  • Access to charging 24/7
  • Possibility to charge your electric car at the night rate
  • Planning your own time without queuing for a charging session
  • Own electric vehicle – always 100% charged electric car, ready for long trips
  • You can warm up the interior of the car in the cold or cool it in the heat from the mains without using up the battery
  • The 7, 11, 22 kV charging station preserves the capacity and number of charge cycles of the car battery

If you want to order a charging station for your own use, contact our managers.

For ordering EV Charging Stations contact UGV Chargers:
phone: 0944 76 0176 , email:

Posted on November 15